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allogeneic stem cell transplant

What is allogeneic stem cell transplant? How is it differ from autologous stem cell transplant?

To understand what is allogeneic stem cell transplant, one first needs to know what is a stem cell and what …
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Is it possible to hack your body to have superpowers

Longevity biohacking: Is it possible to hack your body to have superpowers?

Biohacking is the use of science or scientific knowledge to hack our biology. Its aim is to improve our health …
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lab meat 2021

Lab meat 2023: What exactly is lab-created meat? Everything you need to know about lab meat and why is it good for the world

What is lab-created meat or lab-grown meat? Can you make meat without killing animals? The answer is yes. Lab-created meat …
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future healthcare technology

Future healthcare technology: 5 upcoming technologies that will change healthcare forever

In today‚Äôs time, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. In our modern life, the industrial revolution had such a …
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How does gene therapy work and what are it’s future?

With the advancement of new technology in the last few years, a person would fancy knowing why the docs recommend …
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Robotic surgery disadvantages

Robotic Surgery : It’s advantages, disadvantages and future

Surgical procedures carried out with the aid of robots precisely is the definition of Robotic Surgery. However, a layman or …
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Human life expectancy over time

How human life expectancy over time has changed and can we increase it beyond 100 ?

Human life expectancy over time has changed a lot. It has increased significantly over the years. Do you know what …
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